The RPG Reload Podcast - 007 - 'Final Fantasy 5' - Touch Arcade

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In this episode, we review:

Subaku [$ 1.99]

Rainblocks [Free]

Last Fantasy Experience (Game Child).

Last Dream Crystal Bearers (Wii).

Final Fantasy [$ 7.99] Last Dream 2 [$ 7.99] Final Dream 4 [$ 15.99] Last Dream 12 (PS2).

Final Dream Strategies [$ 6.99] Dragon Pursuit 2 [$ 4.99] Baldur's Entrance [$ 9.99] The Journey [$ 4.99] Dime Arcade Journeys 3 [$ 2.99] Ravensword Shadowlands [$ 6.99] Turmoil Rings Omega [$ 6.99] Turmoil Rings 3 [$ 19.99] Infinity Blade 3 [$ 6.99]


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With cameo appearances from:.

To developers or authors, if you've obtained a new game or awesome update coming and also you intend to get the word out by sponsoring either of the TouchArcade podcasts, we've got ad package deals that can match any budget. Likewise, if you would certainly like us to answer your inquiry on the podcast, send us an email including your concerns to The piece during the break is "Fight At The Big Bridge" from the Final Dream 5 Original Soundtrack, while the item at the end is "Battle At The Big Bridge (Oriental Mix)" from the Final Dream 13-2 Original Soundtrack. Additionally, he has a bell! Everything runs a bit lengthy, but it's an enjoyable one, I promise. Just send out an email to to obtain more details.

Final Dream Legend 2 (Game Boy).

Dragon Mission 1 [$ 2.99] Final Dream 5 [$ 15.99] Final Dream Record Caretaker [Free] Dragon Pursuit 3 [$ 9.99] Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch [$ 4.99] Pixel Dungeon [$ 2.99] Avernum 2: Crystal Hearts [$ 9.99 (HD)] Million Arthur [Free] Monster Seeker 4 (3DS).

Bravely 2nd (3DS).

Dragon Quest Of Destiny.

Superstar Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 2.

Dragon Age Origins (PS3).

Final Dream 6 [$ 15.99]

Greetings, everyone! We're best in the center of the dog days of summertime, and also what better means to beat the heat than stocking front of a follower or ac system and paying attention to an ultra-long episode of the RPG Reload Podcast? This month, Eric Ford and also I are joined by a special visitor. Both tunes are the work of Nobuo Uematsu, and also ought to be available in your local iTunes establishment.

In addition to the lovely theme song gotten ready for us by Dessert Diss, there are two opus in this episode. Not only does he provide us with some understanding behind the occasion, however he additionally drops some significant Last Fantasy 5 understanding on us all. His name is Eric "RK" Koziol, and also along with being an iOS programmer, he's additionally the male behind the Last Dream 5 Four Job Fiesta. In behalf of Eric, RK, as well as myself, I wish you appreciate this month's episode. It's an annual charity drive that happens each summer where hundreds of players run via Final Fantasy 5 under unique obstacle policies in order to increase cash for Kid's Play.

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